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CryptoMarket cierra acuerdo con Academia Blockchain Exosphere

Today Exosphere is happy to announce that it has reached an agreement to offer a special 10% discount to all members of the Cryptomkt Association who intend to attend the next Exosphere Academy of Science and the Arts to be held in Florianopolis, Brazil, from the July 3rd to August 11th.

The Exosphere Academy of Science and the Arts is an intensive and exclusive course where talented entrepreneurs and science & technology enthusiasts of all ages from all over the world and cultures, simultaneously, work on several projects, each one of them devoted to a specific emerging and exponential technology. In addition to this scientific approach, we balance the program with human and inter-personal aspect that is essential to understanding the role of human relationships, self-confidence, and critical thinking in business and more generally the daily problems which any serious entrepreneur will encounter in the journey of bringing vision into reality. This key element allows the modern, holistic entrepreneur to face the huge challenges of the creative economy.

The aim of the Exosphere Academy is simple and ambitious, giving the tools “to learn how to  learn” in order to solve the great problems of the world, in concrete terms.

In the next Academy There are four interdisciplinary projects with world renowned and experienced Fellows: Nell Watson in Artificial Intelligence , Anish Mohammed in Blockchain technology,  Isis Eich in Biohacking, and Felipe Matos in Entrepreneurship. We are also lucky to have three visiting Fellows, Edward Sullivan, Amy Joe Martin, and Andy Ellwood.

All the program information and the details of the project are presented on the website :


We define Exosphere  as a learning and problem solving community, founded in Chile in 2012 we moved to Florianopolis, Brazil, this January. Exosphere is building an institution that tackles the deepest problems of the world in the market. We do this by merging the two aspects of the market: comprehending and understanding the emerging and exponential technologies and human nature and critical thinking.



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Twitter : @AntonioMannoCap

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